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Featured Scripts
Every month or so, House-of-Playwrights selects one script of remarkable quality and/or uniqueness from our gallery and showcases it in the Featured Folder. This list compiles all past featured items, so check back here if you miss a month! And let us know if you'd like to nominate a script for featuring.

:new:July 2015:new:
Land of New Beginnings by YamiXenara

May/June 2015
The Psychology of Lucifer by pmcde7

April 2015
Spoons. They Have Issues. by ThePrettiestPoison

March 2015
Going Home by Immer-Frei

January/February 2015
Ballad of a Thin Man: Episode One by HarmonyofDischord

December 2014
I remember by pyroflasher

October/November 2014
The False Checkmate by MiraKayla

September 2014
The Apology by ZachValkyrie

August 2014
Among Undertakers by MeineSehnsucht

July 2014
The Academy of Superheroes by TOMCAVANAUGH

May/June 2014
Arkham Asylum by Manofevil

April 2014
Almina Dramma in Tre Atti by SudYugi

March 2014
The First Six by DaNoTomorrow

February 2014
Cloudgazing by Adagiobunny

December 2013/January 2014
A Minor Movement by MiikaC

November 2013
A Way of Existence by panda-saxophonist

October 2013
The Bitter Snows Saga by Firesnake1

September 2013
goodbye rarely means goodbye by little-swift

August 2013
Cubiculo the Narcissist by LadyTana

July 2013
Character Driven by HollowRabbit17

June 2013
Nowhere Land by ZachValkyrie

May 2013
Please Don't Go by KidCheno

April 2013
The Gatechamber by theMirage-Prismatic

March 2013
The Window by LainaBear

February 2013
Sayin Creation Story by The-Shadow-Master

January 2013
His Morning Cup by AsciiKing

December 2012
Fox Hunt by Jops556

November 2012
Chorus of Cries by Hawk-Moth

October 2012
Unsung Heroes by Ebony-Draygon

September 2012
The Way Is Not Shut by panda-saxophonist
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